Touchless visitor management with privacy in mind.
For Businesses tracking visitors and employees with ease
and eliminating paper logs
For Individuals to stay anonymous
Ensuring we all get through this safely.

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Health Check

Perform a Health Check which is valid for 24 hours

Use what you have

No need to get new device. Use your existing Thermometer

People on-site

Track the number of people on-site

Multiple locations (doors)

Anyone can be scanned in or out at different doors

No Papers

Say goodbye to sanitising pens


No big investment required


From* R99 / month
  • Per business door
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    • Unique Business QR Code
    • Link employees
    • Temperature capturing
    • Number of visitors
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    Free Forever
    • Unique QR Code
    • View last 10 Visits
    • Link dependants (Children, etc...)
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    • Includes everything from Business
    • Business with multiple sites
    • Export all Visit data
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    Business: We are here to help you

    The COVID-19 pandemic has made it essential that all persons entering your premises are logged-in. Manual processes such as logbooks and spreadsheets are clumsy and creates the potential for human error or loss of data.

    We offer an efficient and touchless solution for your visitors and employees to be logged into your premises via a QR code, unique to each person and thereby create a digital logbook for your company. The QR code is generated once per person and can be used at any of the businesses in our network.

    Individual: Unique QR Code
    100% Free forever

    Get your touchless QR code here. Use this code to check into all your favourite stores, shops and businesses. QR Code assists stores in keeping a touchless visitors log, enabling the system to flag a possible COVID-19 risk and notify you should you need to have yourself tested.

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